My Goals for Student Success

  • Harnessing parent support for fixing the funding formula
  • Promoting the fundamental belief that Special Needs children do not have disabilities, but rather different abilities
  • Budgeting decisions taking into account the cultural makeup, socioeconomic factors, and demographics of the community
  • Working with parent councils and schools to create conditions that help promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children, including eliminating ‘math phobia’
  • Seeking ways to partner with local businesses as a means of educating students for the jobs of the future and to encourage student leadership
  • Allocating funds for sports activities in such a way that it levels the playing field for all families
    • Sports should be affordable for all, not just a select few
  • Ensuring the Education Act is properly interpreted and adhered to
  • Setting in motion a plan to redesign and implement Indigenous Studies
  • Bringing an awareness of and support to students and families suffering from mental illness,  and seeking ways to eliminate mental health issues in students
  • Promoting safety, healthy choices, and respect for others within our schools