Putting Kids First

All children have the ability to succeed given the right conditions

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Representing Your Interests

My sole focus will be on representing the interests of your family with the Peel District School Board.

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Community Oriented

I have been living in and running through this community for 36 years, now I wish to run for this community as Public School Board Trustee. I will bring the same dedication and persistence to my role as your Trustee, should I be fortunate enough to be elected.

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My Pledge

Working with parents and schools to provide the best quality of education that every child deserves.

As a person with a passion for education, my intention for becoming a Trustee is, in fact, for the sole purpose of being an advocate for children and their parents in their quest for a better education.

I will not use this position as a stepping stone in hopes of launching a political career as do so many who run for the role of Trustee. I want to assure the Brampton school community that my focus is entirely about being your school board representative, to listen with an open mind to parents and children, and to be your voice as a liaison between the school community and the school board as we promote and resolve issues of concern together.


Other Considerations

The Lifespan of my career has always been education-based.

In my role as a teacher and organizer of school or community events, I always saw the need to invite and include the School Trustee whenever possible. In my role as a School Trustee, I would always make it my business to participate in the life of the school.

In my role as a teacher of the Health curriculum, I have witnessed the impact of the different approaches to the teaching of sex ed. I bring this experience to my position as School Trustee regarding any necessary decision-making in this regard.

How You Can Help...

Contact me during the election campaign to broach further issues or make suggestions about what you think needs to be fixed with regards to our children's education, to ask for a sign for your lawn, to be a volunteer for my campaign, or to make a monetary donation.

Email: lazare2018link2learning[at]gmail.com - Phone: 905-453-3675